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Trying to find my way.

I haven't really posted in a while as I have been doing quite a bit of artistic soul searching.

I want to find my own voice as an artist.

Which by all accounts is really hard to do.

How do you create something new and original?

I love pop culture but I feel like people are more attached to the memories or feelings that the subject evokes rather than the painting itself. Somebody will buy a painting because they love Bowie or Hendrix and that's great, but at the same time I want my paintings to make people feel something without the subject matter being known, if that makes sense?!

When you look at a painting and it speaks to you on an almost spiritual level, like the artist has specifically tapped into your mind and spoken to you, that's the kind of art I want to create.

I have been experimenting a lot, trying new mediums and mixing things up.

I seem to be automatically drawn to beautiful people, but painting them in chaotic and unfinished manner. Creating them with imperfections, abstractions yet still retaining their beauty, if not amplifying them despite the imperfections.

I feel like this is intrinsically linked to my perspective regarding my own appearance.

Maybe this will help with my own body dysmorphia.

It's such a difficult thing to know if you are on the right track with your artwork, I have a vague idea of what I want to create but I don't know if its right. Im at the very beginning of this journey and I have to learn to enjoy the process. Experiment, make notes, and most importantly paint, paint, paint until I know for sure that I am moving down the right path.

Im be sharing my experiments, mistakes and lucky breaks with you via this blog.

Thanks for reading,

Much Love

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1 Comment

David Reilly
David Reilly
May 28, 2021

Hi Leanne it’s uncle David love the pictures oriental girl and the nude how much are the paintings love you and be nice to hear from you


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