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My Home Studio (a.k.a spare room/dressing room/gym...)

I am incredibly lucky to have the space I do, of course Pinterest is full of swoon worthy studios and everybody has to dream right, but I love my wee space in the house.

Its kind of a multi room, we have wardrobes and gym equipment in here as well as all my art stuff. It beats the tiny desk or dining room tables that I’ve had previously and keeps everything in the one space!

Ive borrowed the ring lights from my tattoo studio, these lights are amazing! I bought them from who are a tattoo supply company here in the UK. They are daylight aura ring lights with a CRI of 90+ (no idea what CRI stands for but it means they are super awesome). We live in an old cottage built in the late 1800’s early 1900’s. It can be really dark some days and we don’t get great deal of natural light in the winter in Scotland. Good lighting is a must.

I have two H frame easels which are both from and were about £80. They are really well made for the price. My desk was £60 of eBay, absolute bargain! Before I had a decent easel the desk was a great substitute as the table props up so you can use it as an easel.

I kept seeing articles on Pinterest with these amazing artist taboret’s but they are so hard to get hold of in the UK. You can buy plans to build your own but I think you need a degree in carpentry to build one 😂

I have managed to pimp up an Ikea Raskog trolley and build my own taboret of sorts. It isn’t going to win any awards but I love it!

The wooden shelf and kitchen roll holder are both from Amazon. The hook on containers are great for storing my oil paints, paint brushes etc. I bought the chopping board from Ikea that fits perfectly onto the top of the Raskog trolley. It is the exact same size as my glass palette that I bought from too!

Vincent plant pot/brush holder

I have a new desk coming next in the next couple of days so ill have somewhere to sit and mess about with photo reference and sort out my prints ready for posting without them getting covered in paint! I also have sticky plastic floor covering to go down to save what's left of the carpet.

If money was no object and you could have any art space or studio what would it look like? I want to know :) This would be my dream studio...


Links to pimp up your trolley :)

If you like any help or advice with the pimping up of ones trolley please comment below!

Bye for now

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Jan 25, 2021

Keep doing what your doing and you’ll get the Art Room you deserve very soon Xxx

Jan 25, 2021
Replying to

Thank you 💞

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